About Me

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Magardino. Upon returning from my trip to Uganda, I remained in contact with a woman, Evelyn (pictured on the right), who I had met during my stay. Evelyn is the owner of an emporium that supplies skirts made by a group of women in her shop. I have filed for a 501c3 in attempt to help provide Evelyn and her community with products they lack. I conducted a fundraiser which helped me raise enough money to purchase a shipment of skirts and pants directly from Evelyn’s shop. I currently sell her beautiful clothes in Chesterdales, a multi-vendor facility, in Naples, FL. All of the earnings are used to purchase leakproof underwear rather than plastic sanitary products to send to Uganda. Consequently, the underwear can be beneficial for all ages and for those with and without menstrual cycles. In this way, I am not polluting the environment.

Please follow the journey on Instagram @ugandawomenseffort